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Open Out your favourite way to go ahead in life.

Open Out is a multi-city platform to host workshops, symposiums, talks and more to enable artists, parents, students and teachers from diverse backgrounds to share their knowledge and experiences of including Arts In Education.

Why Arts In Education?

Learning stems from involvement. Whether we are learning sciences, languages or life skills the more we get involved with a subject the deeper we get to know about it. With art we can create highly involving methods to spur learning among children as well as adults.


Traditionally, Arts In Education has been given importance in our country. However, in the recent past art has been compromised in school curriculum to make more space for standardized teaching methods and tests. Arts In Education has now become a sort of a luxury item available only is expensive schools or after-school activity centres.


Today, there is increasing awareness about Arts In Education but there is a huge need for motivated researchers, artists and teachers to come together and evolve new methods and train the teachers to help them implement these methods.

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